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Kenny bb by madibear6 Kenny bb :iconmadibear6:madibear6 1 3 Hunter Keorth by madibear6 Hunter Keorth :iconmadibear6:madibear6 3 0 Dave strider by madi by madibear6 Dave strider by madi :iconmadibear6:madibear6 2 0 Gamzee Makara by madibear6 Gamzee Makara :iconmadibear6:madibear6 0 0 John Egbert by madibear6 John Egbert :iconmadibear6:madibear6 0 0 Jane Crocker by madibear6 Jane Crocker :iconmadibear6:madibear6 2 0 Terezi Pyrope by madibear6 Terezi Pyrope :iconmadibear6:madibear6 3 0
Work hard, PRANK HARD (John x Reader)
This is my first homestuck x reader story so yea hope you like it ^u^
Oh and this has language in it, but it's homestuck, what do you expect ovo
"(NAME)!!! What the hell!?"
  That's all you heard when John Egde-BERT opened his ConAir cd case to see a Barney and friends cd. You had done this as payback for filling your shampoo bottle with pink hair dye last week. Thank GOD that wasn't permanent. But (name) you little shit, you got him back. And you got him back good.
    You snickered quietly as you hid behind the couch at his house, twirling the beloved ConAir cd on your index finger. He ran out to look for you but scratched his head, confused when he didn't see you in your usual spot. 
"(Name)??? Where are youuu? I want my cd back!" He whined as you looked at the cd, then at the back of the couch, then back at the cd. You laugh si
:iconmadibear6:madibear6 86 69
2P morocco by madibear6 2P morocco :iconmadibear6:madibear6 0 2 Renae V2 by madibear6 Renae V2 :iconmadibear6:madibear6 2 3
Russia x reader- light my heart
 I'm really large,so even if you read a guidebook you still wont understand.
 don't think i'm cold! i'll give you a little Introduction
   sitting outside on your back porch, you stared at the sunflower field beyond the fence. you suddenly saw a tall, scarfed figure stand op from being hiden in the giant flowers. he gave a giggle, almost sounding like, "ufufu~" it was kinda adorable.
 swan lake has frozen over, I've endured the cold too
 there's a hill where sunflowers grow

 the region is called a tsundre but... "it's a tundraa!"
   he looked over at you and waved happily yelling out a "privyet!" yup. he was definitely from russia. that accent gave all. you waved back yelling out "hello!" you ran over to the fence where he was standing "you like sunflowers, da?" you nodded happily and jumped over the
:iconmadibear6:madibear6 2 7
Trickster Karkat!! by madibear6 Trickster Karkat!! :iconmadibear6:madibear6 3 40
raindrops fall down my face,
my eyes flickering with tears,
threatening to fall.
not even caring enough
to bring an umbrella
my skin is soaked.
i lay awake at night
with memories of the rain
always there next to me
i smile at all  the memories
that go through my mind
all the clarity it has bring
my mind wanders.
am i insane?
no, not nearly.
i just have my own way.
my own being if you will.
my own memories.
raindrops help me find myself.
:iconmadibear6:madibear6 1 2
my random drawing of myself by madibear6 my random drawing of myself :iconmadibear6:madibear6 0 4 Graffiti (PASTA!!!) by madibear6 Graffiti (PASTA!!!) :iconmadibear6:madibear6 9 5 Pack Square (vargas' pasta) by madibear6 Pack Square (vargas' pasta) :iconmadibear6:madibear6 83 16


Gorillaz by AlexandreBoyer Gorillaz :iconalexandreboyer:AlexandreBoyer 2,440 273 Gorillaz: Amarillo by Gorillaz-HTF-rox Gorillaz: Amarillo :icongorillaz-htf-rox:Gorillaz-HTF-rox 781 83 Banksy Gorillaz by gorillaz2-Dfan Banksy Gorillaz :icongorillaz2-dfan:gorillaz2-Dfan 256 46 Gorillaz by blackstarsshine Gorillaz :iconblackstarsshine:blackstarsshine 2,047 200 Gorillaz by EddieHolly Gorillaz :iconeddieholly:EddieHolly 3,465 206 Gorillaz by retroworks Gorillaz :iconretroworks:retroworks 2,432 160
[AU]ReinerXReader- Of Nighttime Jogs...
Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

[AU] Reiner Braun x Reader

Of Nighttime Jogs and Healthnut Heresies
It was at nine-thirty at night that you received a grim reminder:
Your boyfriend was nucking futs.
You had a long day at college, mentally ranting how inhumane it was to have a four-hour class right after a three-hour one. You just got home, not even setting aside time to greet your brother. You only wanted to go to sleep since you had a morning class tomorrow, and Bertholdt expected you to be up at least two hours earlier so that he’d be able to get you there. Because the universe hated you, your phone buzzed as your head hit your pillow. It was a text from your boyfriend, telling you this:
I’m outside, babe. Come downstairs.
“He’s lost his mind,” you grumbled to yourself, sending him a reply that made your displeasure with his timing clear. Your phone buzzed again.
You owe me.
You groaned, running
:iconredsharkrocker18:RedSharkRocker18 104 43
Kankri x Reader: Uni, Clubs, Breakups, Makeups
Hello, lovelies! I've just started trying to do reader inserts for ALL the male trolls and male kids, and this is the first. It's Kankri, cos, you know *points to username*
Please give me some feedback! :D Oh, and btw, you half-date Cronus in this for a little tiny bit BUT YOU END UP WITH KANKRI OKAY

==> Be the frustrated girl.
Your name is ______ ______, and you are studying journalism at university. You happen to be seriously annoyed at your friend.
“Kankri, can’t I have a break?”
“No, ______, you have to listen to my comments about your article.” He taps his finger against a small stack of paper. “How are you supposed to improve if you don’t?”
“I was happy with it, Kankri. Also, the last time I changed what you told me to—and I do it every time!—I finished it a week late because you kept correcting it.”
“I was only trying to help.”
“And I really appreciate that, but sometimes you have to
:iconkankrieggplant:KankriEggplant 121 24
Buzzing September Storms(Sollux)
Buzzing September Storms (Sollux)
...and something buzzing. You peeked you eyes open and spotted a few bees hovering hear the gutter, and one crawling near you then on your nose, you almost got freaked out by it, but calmed down in the nick of time. Where there's bees there was a Sollux. You saw the gemini troll walking up the driveway, holding an unbrella with his psiioniics. You get up and lean against the wall by the time he gets up to you, the bee flying off your nose and flying to his before flying off to it's buddies.
"Hey Captor," you smile and watch him clear his glasses off of the small rain droplets, showing his bicolored eyes off to you for a moment, making you stare slightly, admiring them until he snapped you out of your trance.
"Liike 2omethiing you 2ee? becau2e ii 2ure do," the yellowblood teasted and you turned and opened the door before you could give him the satisfaction of seeing you blush.
"Get in before I lock you out," you cover your head with your blanket and wal
:iconflippysmostinsanefan:FlippysMostInsaneFan 160 61
Mature content
Cussing out the September Showers (Karkat) :iconflippysmostinsanefan:FlippysMostInsaneFan 120 56
STRONG Steps through September Showers
STRONG Steps through September Showers(Equius)
...and someone stepping, how he would say it, 'STRONGLY" through the puddles of the rain. You sat up quickly and got up to see Equius nonshalantly walking through the rain. He was probably so used to being similar to that that the rain had no effect on him. You felt a bit bad for him because of that and quickly and went inside to grab some towels for him, meeting the door just as he walked up.
"Hey Equius," you saw him resist a flinch at some lightning and threw a towel over his shoulders. He grinned a bit, showing some places that used to have lost teeth finally grown back. You led him in and shut the door behind you, giving him the other towels while you went and heated him up some milk for him. You were always surprised whenever he came to you instead of walking the rest of the way down the road to Nepetas, but she always ahs told him to spend more time with you anyways, most likely because she knew you liked him, and 'secretly' shipped
:iconflippysmostinsanefan:FlippysMostInsaneFan 109 47
Crying in the September Showers
Crying in the September Showers(Eridan)
...and someone crying. Eridan. He always acted like the stuck-up rich asshole at school everyone always makes him out to be, but outside of it he was just honestly deprived of caring friends and family. He was spoiled and got everything he wanted except love and acceptation. You feel kinda bad for him because you're too shy to tell him that you love him, but at least you could be there to support him when he gets rejected by someone or is in a fit... or scared in a storm. He was just lucky you had the patience to deal with him and his asshole side, by assertion of course, which worked against him pretty well.
You sigh and sit up as he runs unaffected by the rain to you, crying softly, "_-______ i-it happened again, and at all a times!" his fins were folded back unhappily and you could see violet-tinted tears running down his cheeks in the rain; he seemed angry and upset.
"Come on you poor baby, lets get in before you kill me or someone else or ev
:iconflippysmostinsanefan:FlippysMostInsaneFan 109 65
Mituna x reader Swim party
A bumble bee bikini….
You ‘awwed’ over the bikini and looked at it, the bumble bees had red and blue wings making you smile. (f/n) smiled as they watched you, “Mituna picked it out. He said that bee’s suit you.” That sentence made you flush, you had a thing for the accident prone troll and it seemed that everyone knew that.
You walked into the bathroom and changed quickly, smiling at the outfit. You were leaving the bathroom and bumped into someone. The two of you fell to the floor, “0www! Inferior lit-!” the person (who had figured out was Mituna) stopped talking when he looked up and saw you. A yellow blush appeared on his face, “hey (y/n)! youre wearing the thwim thuit I picked out!” you looked down at it and smiled, “yeah. I thought it was really cute.” He smiled and helped you stand up, “you make it look really cute!” you blushed and hugged him before he offered to take you to the party.
:iconbrambledei:brambledei 348 27
Flavours and Fun - Homestuck x Fem!Reader
Agenda of Future Reference
(y/n) = your name
(l/n) = your last name
(f/n) = friend’s name
xe/xer = gender neutral replacement of “he” and “she”
(e/c) = eye color
(h/c) = hair color
(h/l) hair length
(s) = size
(f/c) = favourite color
(s/c) = second favourite color
^_^_^ = change of point of view
**** = time skip
You sighed slightly as you looked at the crowd in front of you. You were at the supermarket doing your groceries, taking advantage of the fact you had no university courses to go to today, when you found out that the certain food that your boyfriend/girlfriend – or matesprit in xer culture – had a fondness for was on special, two bags of it for the price of one. Knowing how much your matesprit loved that food and how rare it went on special, you went on the hunt to find it. What you didn’t expect was that there would practically be a herd of desperate bitches (that was your lovely nickname f
:iconsukikimura:SukiKimura 118 14
C4N Y0U 734CH M3? (Mituna X Troll! Reader)
I have been having an obsession with Mituna, my favorite alpha Troll, and so I thought I would whip something up to satisfy my fangirling self. This is based off one of my favorite YouTube videos with Latula and Mituna (Since they are my second fave shipping!). Just go to the link in the description, it's super cute!
You looked at yourself in the mirror, looking proper and sophisticated, as a lady should. In all honestly, you hated yourself. Not because of your looks, no, you could care less about them. It was your personality you hated. The only reason your Lusus had chosen to care for you was because she thought you were going to grow up to be her little angel, but that was the last thing that happened. You loved to play videogames, be violent and had an extremely bad temper to match. You even wanted to learn how to skateboard, but your Lusus wouldn't allow it.
The few things that were lady like about you was that you had a love of dresses, art,
:iconflamebladegirl5362:FlameBladeGirl5362 400 107

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okay so there's a convention on march 29th in virginia at the mainstreet library called Tosho-con. i'm going. i'm doing Zacharie from OFF for half of the day and Karkat Vantas for the other half. if you can go, pleASE DO LET ME MEET YOU PEOPLE.


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United States
i do homestuck and maybe SnK drawing requests
i draw with a mouse
my drawings are sucky
have a nice say


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